Slice Cakes

Vanilla Slice Cake

Thick and rich custard between cake sheets makes a wonderful evening snack or dessert. Extremely cherished by the kids. Vanilla slice lovers will fall in love with its chewy base, creamy custard middle and cakey layer on top!


Fruit Slice Cake

Fruit Slice cake is a classic for teatime at many places. And it's no wonder: filled with apples and raisins, between buttery pastry, it's a tasty treat.


Chocolate Slice Cake

A chocolaty delight that you will remember for long. Soft and lushy cake slices with the goodness of cocoa, milk, chocolate chips, butter and nutrients.


Walnut Slice Cake

Crusty almonds and chocolate come together with a hint of taste to tease your senses, in this delicious cake.


Plum Slice Cake

A buttery sponge plum cake is topped with plums, cinnamon and sugar, and is served with cream on request.


Brownie Slice Cake

A chocolate brownie is a square, baked, chocolate dessert. It come in a variety of forms and is fudge and cakey; includes nuts, frosting, cream, chocolate chips. Savours best when topped with Vanilla ice-cream and hot chocolate syrup.