Breads & More

Sandwich Bread

Sandwich bread is a bread that is prepared specifically to be used for the preparation of sandwiches. It’s fine crumb, and uniformly sliced made with high quality sunflower oil with no added preservative is available in 200/400/800gms.


Brown Bread

This naturally dark colored whole wheat made brown bread contains a large amount of nutrients. It’s highest fibre content, vitamin B helps body acquire energy from food.


Multi Grain Bread

A lip-smacking wholesome bread made from 100% whole grains. It contains maze, wheat, whole grains, sunflower oil for that delicious blend of nutrition and taste.


Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread is perfectly crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Made with flour, salt, sugar, garlic powder, oregano, mixed herbs, basil, chilli flakes and black pepper.


Panini Bread

Panini bread that is soft and tastes just like Naan Bread. Can be used to serve with stews, dipped in olive oil and balsamic or served as a sandwich. It yields an extremely light, air pocket-riddled loaf, wonderful for splitting lengthwise, to make a panini sandwich.


Pita Bread

Pita in Greek, sometimes spelled Pitta, also known as Arabic bread, Lebanese bread, or Syrian bread, is a soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour. Whether we're talking falafel or deli ham, pockets of pita bread are one of my top choices for sandwiches. So portable! So neatly contained! So easy to eat!


Bhaji’s Pav

Pav or Pao is a type of Indian bread roll mostly found in the Western Indian regions of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa, inspired from the Portuguese bread - paõ. Popular street side snack served with thick vegetable curry, and fried onions.


Vada’s Pav

Toast these premium soft Vada’s Pav filled with potato filling and fried in garlic, red chilli and butter gives a heavenly feeling to the spice lover. Served well with fried green chillies, green raw mango chutney and tomato ketchup.


Muska’s Buns

Pep up your snack time with hot bun maskas out of the oven! Healthy, crunchy & yummy musk bun’s have played a vital role in the street side lorries offering butter, jam, chocolate spread filled buns taste super duper yummy with hot cutting chai.


Kulcha/Atta Kulcha

Kulcha is a type of mildly leavened flatbread, an local variation of naan extremely popular in Delhi, and Punjab. Kulcha taste good with all the Punjabi dishes.


Dabeli Buns

Dabeli buns are fluffy and taste yummy made by mixing boiled potatoes with a special dabeli masala, and putting the mixture between the Ladi pav and served with chutneys made from tamarind, date, garlic, red chilies.


Burger Buns

Available as convenient singles and packs of 6 and 12, these cornmeal sprinkled buns, make for the best premium burgers as they melt in the mouth.


Hot Dog Buns

Light and flavourful with a soft, golden crust a hot dog bun is a type of soft bun shaped specifically to contain a hot dog or frankfurter


Mini Buns

Compare to regular buns, these mini burger buns are smaller in size. Darling little mini burger buns look amazing on a platter or packed in a kids picnic lunch box.


Garlic Loaf

This fabulously hearty and chewy bread sends out delicious taste of Garlic mixed with spicy herbs. Tastes best with Amul’s cheese spread.


French Loaf

French loaf is a long, thin loaf of bread that is commonly made from basic lean dough (the dough, though not the shape, is defined by French law). It is distinguishable by its length and crisp crust.


Dinner Rolls

A roll can be served and eaten whole or cut transversely and dressed with filling between the two halves. Rolls are also commonly used to make sandwiches similar to those produced using slices of bread. A roll is a small, often round loaf of bread served as a meal accompaniment (eaten plain or with butter).