Pure Ghee Nankhatai

Nankhatai is the quintessential Indian biscuit, loved by the kids as well as the elders. Made with the finest first-rate ghee, wheat flour, and elaichi will make you want for more.


Pure Ghee Atta Biscuit

Lots of finest quality ghee & the whole wheat flour make the atta biscuits a perfect snack for kids.


Dryfruit Biscuit

Another all time favourite traditional biscuit of elders is made of exclusively hand picked almonds, pistachio, and butter.


Sonpapdi Biscuit

Extremely popular this crunchy textured sonpapdi biscuits made with gram flour, cardamom, pistachio and 0% artificial essence tastes exactly as the rich Sonpapdi.


Chocolate Chips Cookies

Filled with chocolate chips, these cookies are peculiarly baked for the chocoholics. Every bite of the choco chip cookie will give you a mouthful of chocolate.


Chocolate Kaju Biscuit

For the love of chocolates and cashew nuts this biscuit is a perfect choconutty combination. Best served with hot chocolate.


Fruit Kaju Biscuit

Plenty of nuts and fruits make this biscuit a fruity & nutty snack. Filled with cashews, tutti futti make these biscuit delivery and are an all-time most loved.


Kaju Biscuit

Baked with dollops of butter, these crisp kaju cookies let you savour the real taste of assorted kajus. These cookies contain 15% butter, three times more than our closest competition.


Jam Cookies

Sugar, butter, and flour taste too much good with the topping of a jam. This jam cookies are best-liked my the young kiddos.


Assorted Dryfruit Biscuit

A collection of our 5 (Dryfruit Biscuit, Fruit Kaju Biscuit, Cashew Biscuit, Coconut Biscuit, and Choco Kaju Biscuit) best offerings for those special occasions. Ideal for gifting


Jeera Biscuit

An essentic combination of jeera, salt, wheat flour and butter make this biscuit an ideal evening tea time snack which are also popularly known as Namkeen Biscuit.


Choco Cream Cookies

Extremely liked by kids these Choco Cream Cookies are made of scoopy soft rich cream, chocolate powder and wheat flour taste good and are healthy too.


Pineapple Cream Cookies

Playfully soft, rich pineapple cream, perfect for all-day scoop 'n' licking with soft cookie shells for tasty snack.


Farali Sing Biscuit

Those who fast but can’t starve then this Farali Sing biscuit are for them. Fast by having this yummylicious peanut biscuits.


Tea Time Biscuit

Sip..Crack a biscuit.. Sip again.. At office or at home this tea time biscuit are an ideal combination for tea time snack.


Ajwain Biscuit

Love spice? This ajwain biscuit is for salt and spice lovers, tasty and spice will make you crave for more.


Til Biscuit

Coconut and Til made biscuit are most liked by the elders along with a hot cup of coffee and tea.


Choco Vanilla Biscuit

Chocolate & Vanilla biscuit are an impressive treat that all cookie lovers will love. Rolling a chocolate and vanilla layer together makes this biscuit tempting.


Suji Nankhatai

Prepared with suji (rava), cardamom and rose flavor this suji nankhatai is extremely crisp and soft, making you want for more. Perfect snack companion with tea and coffee.


Danish Cookies

Made with 100% Amul butter this danish cookies come in different shapes and sizes. Taking a great care this cookies are baked using different elements and original recipes.


Sugarfree High Fibre Biscuit

This sugar free high fibre biscuit are for all those who want to stay healthy but want to savour the taste of the cookies. Baked with Baggry’s wheat bran & 100% sugar free makes this biscuit healthy and tasty.


Mix Biscuit

4 different varieties packed in one box are a perfect for gifting. Variety consists of Fruit Biscuit, Coconut Biscuit, ChocoVanilla Biscuit and Jelly Biscuit.


Atta Biscuit

Elaichi, wheat flour, fat and sugar this atta biscuit are the basic biscuit, go well with tea, hot chocolate and coffee.



The combination of a sweet, buttery and perfectly crumbly Nankhatai with a steaming cup of chai is a tradition in most of the houses. Loved by the older as well as the younger generation.


Jelly Biscuit

An irresistible yummy and mixed fruit jelly filled biscuit are a fuel to young kids. It’s lip smacking taste and cool flower shape topped with the jelly is extremely loved by the kids.


Lemon Biscuit

For the true lemon lover, these crisp lemon biscuits are a perfect treat. Need to pack something for kids during there break time then this biscuits are super fun for them.


Fruit Biscuit

Made of cashew and fruits this wheat & butter made biscuits are loved by kids, youth as well as the old generation people.


Nuttylicious Biscuit

Luscious taste of crispy almonds, pistachio, cashew, walnuts and raisins make this nuttylicious biscuit a rich and traditional biscuit served well for the tea time guests.


Coconut Cookies

A cookie that features the distinct chewy texture of coconut & elaichi melt in your mouth leaving a rich creamy taste a perfect combination with garam chai.