Special Khari

An evergreen accompaniment for garam chai, the Khari Biscuit or Puff Pastry Biscuit is loved by all age groups. Available in different packs.


Butter Khari

Perfect dippers for a cup of chai, people often have them for breakfast or as a evening snack. Made with that extra butter makes them melt in your mouth making you want for more.


Jeera Khari

Cumin puffs (jeera khari) is light, crispy, buttery puffed flavoured with cumin seeds. Go perfectly with garam chai or creamy Madras coffee.


Methi Khari

Methi Khari is a traditional Indian tea time snack item made healthier with the addition of Methi (fenugreek) leaves. It is flakier and the layers are more distinct.


Mix Herbs Straw

Made with mix herbs make these Mix Herbs Straw taste delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. Can be packed for kids in tiffin boxes as its mix herbs are healthy and delicious.


Masala Khari

Crispy, yet Soft, these puff pastries or khari make tea time more enjoyable! These layered, crispy biscuits are hard to resist. Absolutely, these Masala Khari will make your heart melt with their brilliant texture and attractive spicy taste.


Cheese Khari

Crumbly crisp khari biscuits topped with a lip-smacking veggie mix, cheese, and hot and sweet sauce, is baked for a few minutes till the cheese melts and coats the whole arrangement. Indeed, these Cheesy Puffs will make your heart melt with their brilliant texture and attractive flavour


Atta Khari

“Whole wheat” is the atta used to make our traditional chapatis, the same is used to make these Atta Khari. These khari is extremely delicious and healthy.


Cheese Straw

Cheese straws are crispy, flaky, with a cheesy twists. They're perfect with cocktails/mocktails and can also be served with salads and certain soups.



A vol-au-vent is a small hollow case of puff pastry. Vols-au-vent are typically made by cutting two circles in rolled out puff pastry, cutting a hole in one of them, then stacking the ring-shaped piece on top of the disc-shaped piece. Perfect take along with soup or any hot beverage in weddings, and parties.



Nothing accompanies fun moments with friends like a pack of Sugary Hearts. Light, crunchy biscuits generously sprinkled with sugar, they delightfully melt in your mouth.