Jello Cakes

Blueberry Jello Cake

This gorgeous dessert is perfect for the celebrations and is made up of three layers. A vanilla cake, cream blueberry jello, and a plain blueberry jello.


Caramel Chocolate Jello Cake

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake. Perfectly moist chocolate cake layered between rich and fluffy caramel buttercream! To ensure caramel flavour in each bite, we sandwich three layers of thick but spreadable caramel filling between layers of deep, dark, moist chocolate cake.


Choco Vanilla Jello Cake

This is a family favourite and a popular dessert at pot-lucks. Vanilla pudding and Cool Chocolate Whip gives an ethereal look as its spread on the top.


Strawberry Jello Cake

After one bite, you'll be totally hooked. Strawberry jello loaded with the fresh strawberries make a world of difference! Strawberry jello is the yummiest combo of all-time liked spring and summer desserts.


Pineapple Jello Cake

This is the moistest cake you will ever eat. The pineapple niblets are barely noticeable but give such flavour. The Cool Whip makes such a pretty pure white and creamy frosting.


Orange Jello Cake

Orange Jello Cake is the cool and creamy cake is full of orange flavour. The creamy pudding topping takes it over the top. Offered only during season.


Mango Jello Cake

Mango jello cake always hit the spot as mango is the most loved fruit. This fluffy mango jello cake is the perfect light dessert. Offered only during season.


Kiwi Jello Cake

Green as the garden and sweet like the tropics, this beautiful Kiwi Jello cake topped with a slice of kiwifruit arranged on it gives it a marvellous look.